Battle of the Submarine

Subway offers multiple ways for a client to create their own successful combination while Quiznos offers predefined recipe that are proven successful and limits option once of the initial choice.

A chef could say that client’s doesn’t have a sense of what is the right combination of ingredients. A chef should be responsible of the taste. So the same comparison could be biased as:

While Subway offer multiple way of failing, Quiznos guaranty the final product by limiting unsuccessful combinations.

A client that is really picky could say that the freedom of choice is more important, since there is no one else than the client that knows it’s taste. This is the kind of client that would say:

While Quiznos think they know more what I want, Subway offers me the freedom to choose exactly what I am expecting.

So, bottom line, it a question of business: who is the expert?

What is your client expecting from you? Does he expect that you guide him thru the process of selecting what is right because you have more the expertise or does he expect you to provide him exactly what he want without a question of what is right or wrong?

Clearly, for Subway the client is the expert and for Quiznos, they are the expert.

Even if they are fundamentally different, both are trying to extend their reach my offering predefined combination for Subway and offering some options for Quiznos.