Frederick Chapleau

Strategy, Technology and Organizational Development

Frederick is a strategic leader with extensive experience in both development and infrastructure divisions within product and service companies. He has held several positions with responsibilities including the implementation of technology roadmaps, management of software research and development, people management, implementation of innovation processes and evaluation of technology aspects within acquisitions cycles.

He has a strong track record of delivering high-quality outcomes with a focus on business value through the use of technology. A combination of business acumen, strategic thinking, deep software engineering knowledge and client obsession helps him achieving the most ambitious goals.

Frederick has over 20 years of experience with hundreds of clients. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a Master’s degree in Organisational Development. He also holds many professional certifications covering a broad range of technologies and knowledge areas.


Worked with 300+ companies.
Directly, as service provider
or in presales

21+ years

Extensive experience

2 Masters

Software Engineering and
Organizational Development

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