Triadic Sociogram

Knowing the people that make up an organization is essential to capitalize on their strength, ensure that the progress is done in initiatives and that success meets expectations.

On the other hand, each individual has some power to get things done, interests that could be divergent and a personality of their own. These are all parameters that must be reassessed and constantly put into perspective in order to present things correctly and adapt the message.


Personality is one of the most difficult characteristics to assess. Many models are used to interpret these parameters. Some more serious than others, ranging from online forms to psychometric tests evaluated by psychologists.

One of the most popular methods is MBTI, other models are simpler for evaluations. company, like “True Colors“, or the four types of personalities of the model created by Roger Von Oech in his book “Kick In The Seat of the Pants”.

The latter divides personalities into 4 types: Artist, Explorer, Warrior and Judge having the colors red, purple, yellow and blue respectively in the triadic sociogram.


The power to get things done is easier to assess since it is generally not quantifiable. An individual can have a little or a lot.


The interest of individuals will color the relationship that will be established between them. Generally, the more the interests are converging, the better the relationship, the more the interests are diverging the less the relationship will be good. So, no matter the initial relationship, the interests will make the relationship evolve one way or the other – and even the initial relationship would be colored.

Visual Representation

The triadic sociogram is a representation of these three characteristics. The interests reflected by the relationship are evaluated in two directions, power is represented by the size of individuals and personality by the color of avatars.